Feedback Friday 12 Aug 2022

Hi Community members! :wave:

Thank you for your continued feedback thus far to help improve our Community. There are little changes this weeks as we’re focusing on fixing some of the bugs that some of our members are experiencing below:

Changes and improvements

  • The issue @bionel encountered which indicated that they ‘have reached the maximum daily reactions’ was due to adding and removing/changing reactions rather quickly which triggers Discourse’s own cooldown period. Hence, it should not affect your reaction & likes limit. That said, we’ve updated the popup’s message to reflect this more accurately.

  • We and Discourse have resolved a bug caused by the subcategory list block on the right-hand side which would resulted in selecting tags from either the filter menu or the Tags page to return a blank page.

What’s new?

You can now add a Table of Content (TOC) by simply append the toc tag for your topic(s).


  • The Logged out issue that @Russ_Thomas has been experiencing was found to be affected by the Leakuidator+ add-on. The add-on aims to protect the user’s identity on the web, though sometimes it might cause Discourse to think that the user has logged out of the site.

  • According to Discourse, the duplicated input id from the search banner’s HTML markup is due to the theme-component duplicating the same input element from our core template, which resulted in two of the same element in the DOM. Discourse is very well aware of this and is working to replace the API that powers the component in the coming months which would also resolve this.

  • According to Discourse, in rare cases some user might be seeing our old theme instead of the default because the browser’ cache hasn’t been cleared. Having said that, we do apologize to @bionel and others whose experiences might have been affected by this.

What we’re working on

  • We’re working on a fix for a bug which caused our site to be rendered incorrectly on mobile devices. In the meantime, you can try one of the two workaround below:
    • Clear your mobile browser’s cache & cookies, or
    • Append ?mobile_view=1 at the end of the site’s URL in your browser’s address bar.

  • We’re looking into TT Norms’s alternative to avoid display/rendering issues for Headings & elsewhere.
  • We’re working with Discourse to resolve the visual glitch where the OP’s avatar’s ‘glow ring’ would shifts slightly off-center.

Thanks & Have a nice weekend!
Katalon Community team.

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Thank you Vu and Team!!!