Feedback Friday 29 Jul 2022

Hi Community members! :wave:

Thank you for your continued feedback thus far to help improve our Community. Please find below a list of things we’re working on:

Changes and Improvements

:white_check_mark:We’ve fix several issues for the new Kudos Leaderboard, specifically:

  • Signed-out/Anonymous users can now see the board normally, instead of being directed to a 404 page.
  • Users within the Leaderboard Hidden group can now see the board normally, instead of being directed to a 404 page (please note that members of said group won’t see your profiles in the board).

We were informed that this was a bug on Discourse’s side, thank you very much to @Russ_Thomas and @sara.leslie for spotting it out! :+1:

What’s new

Following our feedback regarding the Discourse TOC feature, Discourse has added two new settings that allows TOC to be automatically created via:

  • Auto TOC categories: any topic created within specified category(s) AND has headings markdowns will automatically generate a TOC.
  • Auto TOC tags: any topic created AND is assigned with specific tag(s) AND has headings markdowns will automatically generate a TOC (see video below).

We’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions on these two features and help us decide which one (or both) to implement as well as suggestions for new functionalities to it. We’ve created a poll below for you to vote on.

What we’re working on

  • We’re looking into TT Norms’s alternative to avoid display/rendering issues for Headings & elsewhere.
  • We’re working with Discourse to resolve the visual glitch where the OP’s avatar’s ‘glow ring’ would shifts slightly off-center.
  • We’re looking into what caused @bionel to hit the ‘maximum daily reactions’ ceiling.
  • We’re looking into the duplicated input id that is present within our search banner.

Thanks & Have a nice weekend! (and don’t forget to vote on which new TOC setting that you’d like to see implemented below :point_down: )

Katalon Community Team

Which Discourse Table of Content (TOC) new setting are you more interested in?

  • Auto TOC category(s)
  • Auto TOC tag(s)
  • Both

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:pushpin: See out previous Feedback Friday roundup below:

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This is just terrible, infuriating and a complete waste of my valuable time:

The rigidity I’m seeing slowly increasing is breaking the free and open feedback communication I’m accustomed to. And it’s not just about me, new or even average users must be appalled at the level of gatekeeping this forum is fostering.

I look forward to your considered response.

Yes. I’m more than a little angry :angry:

the issue with not scaling properly on mobile looks like it is caused by the new Kudos Leaderbord.
e. g like this fit just fine :

but if i scroll a bit so the header will apear, the page grows larger than screen size.
kudos leaderboard shoul not be shown there in mobile mode, as any other gadget except search, but under the hamburger menu only

in desktop view, this looks inconsistent:

the leaderbord should be moved top of ‘upcoming events’ as a minimum

I can’t even begin to tell you guys how utterly mind-numbingly infuriating this BS is:

I’m right in the middle of typing an answer to someone, go off to get some links and each time I return to the page, I get this message

:angry: :rage:


@vu.le @vu.tran @sara.leslie


@Russ_Thomas if that helps, i am not able to see the video you uploaded, from my mobile.
it shows as 27 secs, i click play, jumps straight to the end.
lazy to go upstairs to try from my desktop… too much effort from my side to debug this inconsistent platform

I noticed same issue in Firefox. Works in Chrome. Works in Slack. I used ffmpeg to create it.

Maybe I’ll create a gif. Done.

maybe just let katalon team to fix it.
usually they ask for videos to help users.
so the platform should provide proper support for such, for at least common video encodins and containers and streams.

i will never bother to try to convert a propper mp4 video or whatever works those days, into a gif, simply because this platform is broken

otherwise i can simply use third party video sharing hosts as i always did since the dial-up era

And look, while replying to you…

I look back with fondness to the halcyon days of December 2021. You know, when everything was easy, the site and categories were easily managed (by volunteers mostly) and everything just worked.

Right now, I’m feeling like…


Thank you for your feedback. To be transparent- the community was on a VERY old version of the platform prior to last month. Now its on the most recent version and hosted in the cloud. The platform vendor will help resolve the issues we locate- our team just has to open tickets. The vendor (Discourse) is pushing bug fixes and new releases pretty frequently, every environment has its own customizations which may be impacted by the version releases. We will do our best to escalate and address.

Sorry for the frustration- hopefully it will become a bit easier soon. I hear you when some features are buggy, it slows and stops engagement and is annoying. LOL don’t get me started on Rage Clicking.

Have a nice weekend, Sara

Hi Sara,

Yes, I guess that’s fair, but…

I participate in other Discourse forums, too – without these issues. They’re not giving you good service, as evidenced by the various reports from industry pros.

Don’t let them off the hook – they’re releasing unsound, unready software which for YOU guys is mission critical, customer-facing product.

Let 'em have it – both barrels.

ok, we understand that, and we are here to provide you bullets. fine…
however, does anybody in upstream or in your team testing those ‘fixes’ before beying released? i seriously doubt…

@sara.leslie @vu.le @vu.tran

The “You were logged out bug” is not specific to the Katalon forum – it’s happening elsewhere to other Discourse installations, too.

I’ve also discovered a track they (Discourse devs) can follow:

The bug does NOT occur when selecting a post from the main listing(s).
The bug ONLY occurs when choosing a post from the user avatar dropdown (see my gif above).

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

Thank you for your info. I’ve just linked your post to Discourse and they’re looking into it :+1:

Hi @Russ_Thomas,

Can you help me to video record your screen while reproducing your log out issue with the browser dev console open? I’ll send it to Discourse so they can take a look at it more thoroughly.

It’d be great if you could try to reproduce the issue in Incognito/Private mode and confirm to see if it persists.

And lastly, we also need some information as below:

  • The browser you’re using and its version.
  • Any browser extension used and a list of all the extension installed

It’s a lot that we’re asking you to do this but please bear with us during this convenience and we’ll resolve it as quickly as possible! :sweat:

If it happens again, sure. But the gif above WAS a video, recorded using ffmpeg but it didn’t display correctly on some platforms.

Browser: Firefox latest.
Extensions: That’s bordering on privacy concerns.

It’s annoying I can’t find a reliable STR. If I could just find out what starts the problem… :confused:

Wow. This bug is extraordinary. I posted my previous then decided to try to make the bug reappear. I launched the gif above in a separate tab, trying to think how I might force the bug to reappear. I couldn’t think of anything so I switched back to this tab and

You were logged out

So I repeated the same steps, this time with the browser console open:

Then, after I’d tried to reopen the thread and post this reply…

So, all I could do was Ctrl + F5, which made the site believe I was logged out (the login appeared at the top of the forum page). I didn’t believe that was true so I relaunched the site from a bookmark and here I am, supposedly logged out but actually logged in without ever logging in again. Something is royally screwed up with Discourse – like I said, Katalon is not the only site with this issue.

Prediction: Discourse will suggest I’m the only person with the issue. Maybe. But this aint my first rodeo, as the saying goes. I deal with logins across multiple VPNs all day, everyday, all across the planet. Only Discourse “suddenly” has this issue.

To address that (reasonable) response, I logged in using Chrome latest. I almost never use Chrome. As a result, it has very few plugins. Using the same steps I listed above…

  1. view this thread
  2. launch the gif in its own tab
  3. wait a while
  4. switch back to the thread tab

Chrome console:

This is my last on this bug.

Chrome latest.
Different login/account (different email address)
Forum is already in the “You were logged out” condition.



Irony: while this bug insists I’m logged out, it’s not possible to truly logout :crazy_face:

Of-course you are not able to logout because you are logged out but … you are not .
Now try to see if you are able to login, since you may be logged in or not.
Chicken and egg problem :smiley: