Extension Katalon Recorder v7.0.0 not working on Chrome and Edge browsers

After updating KR to v7.0.0 the KR extension is not working anymore. The websites will not open when de KR browser extension is active. When I disable the KR extension the websites will load properly, but testing with KR is impossible. Please provide a quick update on KR v7.0.0. I use KR frequently for regression testing.


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


I tried to record a test case and run and it’s working.However, I am noticing that when we click on record button, the browser selection pop-up is not displaing. @rene.haayes can you advise if the website doesn’t load meaning it doesn’t load for recording or execution? Thanks.



I will report this issue to our team and investigate soon

Hi Elly,

When trying to open the logon page of my test website I see another error. The error ONLY appears when I got KR extension enabled. When disabled, no error. I hope this information helps in a quick repair of KR.


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Hello, I reported this issue last week and was informed by Katalon that a bug has been raised and they are working on a fix.


Hi there @rene.haayes,

As mentioned in your other thread in the Katalon Recorder category. Could you please provide the following information so that our Recorder team can support you better?

  1. The web page that you were testing with Katalon Recorder.
  2. The steps to reproduce the bug.
  3. A screen recording of the bug in action.

The information above will be very helpful to our Recorder team!

:information_source: Additionally, you could also contact our Recorder team via the email: recorder-services@katalon.com for faster support, bug report, or feature requests.

Katalon Community team

Website https://acc.unive.nl/mijnunive/
Steps to reproduce:
Chrome browser 125.0.6422.142 (Officiële build) (64-bits) with KR v.7.0.0. in active state
I try to open https://acc.unive.nl/mijnunive/ but the page doen’t load.
The loginpage for this site doen’t appear, instead I see an empty page. Difficult to reproduce for the Recorder team, for logon you need to be whitelisted.

When I turn KR off, the logon site is visible. Since there are many other KR users with similar problems I suggest you also ask them for more information.

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This issue is fixing now by my team. Please wait for the fix, thank you

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Hi Elly, any news about when the fix is available? I really need to work with KR any time now.

Looping in @vy.huynh from our Recorder team so that she can help René with their question.

Since V7.0.0 many of the websites I use no longer work. I can only work now with the browser extension disabled which then means I can not record or captur eobjects make Katalon USELESS to me.

If a fix can not be found VERY quickly for this we will be ditching Katalon and moving to another automated testing platform.

The level of disruption with the Katalon recorder upgrade is ridiculous … you would think they might have tested it?

Is there a way to revert to the previous working version?

Hi all,

We are still investigating this and do not have a workaround yet. In the meanwhile, I found a great discussion here: Why is Katalon Recorder v7.0 drastically slower than v6.0.3? - #13 by anthonyv. You guys can take a look! If having a workaround or revert, I will let you know asap. Thank you!

Please how can I use an old version that is working? Could you provide a link?


I am asking my team about that. Please give us time and I will be back to you asap


Hi Sergey, thanks for a good workaround to use the older 6.0.3 version of KR. I can use KR 6.0.3. on Chrome now for regression testing! :+1:

Apart from that: @Elly_Tran and @vy.huynh and @albert.vu: when is the fix for the broken 7.0.0. version ready?

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