After KR 7.0.1. release still the same issue as with KR 7.0.0

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My hopes for KR were on the new 7.0.1. release to get rid off my issue with websites not loading with the KR extension active on Chrome (Windows 10 Enterprise, Chrome version 126.0.6478.127, 64 bits). Unfortunately the issue is still here. Luckely I got an older version of KR up-and-running (v 6.0.3) which works fine. I would still like the latest KR version to work though.

After updating KR to v7.0.1 the KR extension is still not working. The websites will not open when de KR browser extension is active. When I disable the KR extension the websites will load properly, but testing with KR is impossible.

See below for my former messaging about the v7.0.0. KR version.


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Thank you for letting us know that you are still having issues with the latest version of KR 7.0.1. I presume that the error mentioned is the same as below?

Once again, I will be looping in @vy.huynh from the Recorder team her so she can gather more insights from you and work with her team on a fix.


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The behaviour on the v7.0.1 is exactly the same as v7.0.0

Hi all! The problem is repeated on the new version

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Fortunately, the “Firefox trick” is still working. Use Katalon with Firefox: it will play your scenarios.
This being said… I don’t understand why Katalon stopped working on Chrome…
One day someone said “If it’s not broken…don’t fix it”. When Katalon Recorder is working fine, you should keep it… Everytime I see that here is a new version, I know I’ll have problems…

As far as I understand, it was impossible to avoid updating to version 7.0. The fact is that extension versions 5.9-6.0.3 were based on Manifest V2. In 2024, several Chrome updates are expected to make it impossible for older extensions based on Manifest V2 to work. Therefore, it was necessary to migrate the extension to Manifest V3, which, according to the Chromium developers, should provide greater security for users.

This may require a major change in the extension’s logic. For example, the developers of Selenium IDE, due to the need to switch to Manifest V3, decided to completely abandon the development of Selenium IDE as an extension. Instead, they are now developing Selenium IDE as an Electron application. This application is a lightweight version of the Chrome browser, controlled using a special interface.

Any evidence about their decision? Any link to the blog posts about their development?

I found this:

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Do we require Katalon to do the same as the Selenium IDE people?

Or do we accept it if Katalon declares a tactical retreat?

Any comment from Katalon ? → @duyluong , , @Shin

I am not a Web Recorder user at all, so I wouldn’t mind it anyway.

Selenium IDE v4. Why is v4 not a webextension anymore?

The State of Selenium IDE

I don’t know for sure; it’s a difficult question. To determine whether it is possible to convert KR in accordance with Manifest V3 without losing functionality, you need strong programming skills and a thorough understanding of the extension’s code base, which is quite extensive.

So far, it is evident that the Katalon developers are trying to adapt the extension to Manifest V3, and I’m inclined to believe that success is quite possible (although the migration has not been entirely successful yet). I think they will most likely decide to continue developing the web extension because using the extension from the user’s point of view is a somewhat simpler experience than installing and using an Electron application.

If I’m not mistaken, KR will be in a more advantageous position compared to Selenium IDE. A similar situation occurred in the past (in 2017) when Firefox, starting with version 55, stopped supporting Selenium IDE. KR filled the void for a while, which likely attracted many new users to the Katalon ecosystem.

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Thanks, this is an interesting discussion.

Thanks @rene.haayes for letting us know this issue in KR 7.0.1
Could you kindly provide us with the URL of your website to assist with troubleshooting? We appreciate your cooperation.

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Hi Vy, the site I am testing the most is With KR 7.0.1 enabled this site will not load and therefore testing is impossible.