Trying to Update the Chrome Driver today by getting an error

Today, I my test cases are not being executed as the Chrome driver is not Updated. I tried Updating but the following error is shown to me.

[ERROR] Error HTTP 404 executing
[INFO] Clearing WebDriverManager resolution cache
[WARN] Exception writing resolution cache as a properties file java.lang.NullPointerException
[WARN] There was an error managing chromedriver 123.0.6312.86 (Error HTTP 404 executing ... trying again avoiding reading release from repository

Now I am not able to run or go to previous version. Can someone please help.


what is your KS version on which you are facing this issue

manually download the driver and try please

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Using 8.6.6

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Yes. Updated the WebDriver Manually to the latest stable version and it worked today.


@waqas Can you please share the exact steps that needs to be performed

Yes sure.
First, go to the folder where your katalon studio is installed.
Go to configurations > Resources > drivers > chromedriver_win32.
In this above folder, you will see a chromedriver.exe file. Delete this file.

Now go to Chrome for Testing availability
Download the latest chrome driver for win32.

Paste the download chromedriver.exe file to the folder where you have deleted the previous version.

Now, restart your katalon studio if already opened.

you need to update the Katalon studio to latest version too.


Manually Download and replace it in folder , this should work

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