Updating the Chrome Driver

If you’re like many of the people on here, at some point, you may have faced issue with updating the Chrome Driver on your version of Katalon Studio.

This issue may have haunted you for some months, and I may be too late with this post… :fearful:

I have faced this issue before I saw anything about it on here, and come up with a solution independent of this forum…

What this issue looks like

You click on Tools > Update WebDrivers > Chrome…

You wait on that update modal to spawn, do its thing, and de-spawn normally…

It doesn’t…

Instead, it tells you that you may face some issue as the web driver may not be updated…

Frantic, you go back and look for error message…

You see one:

Failed downloading chromedriver v121.0.6167.184: Download failed: server returned code 404. 
URL: https://edgedl.me.gvt1.com/edgedl/chrome/chrome-for-testing/121.0.6167.184/win64/chromedriver-win64.zip, retrying

You try to start your test cases…


After reading the posts on here, there seem to be two disjoint version of Katalon Studio where this issue is being faced:

Katalon Studio v9.x.x

If you’re on this version, you need not really do anything but update your Katalon Studio to v9.3.1 (or later)

Katalon Studio v8.6.8

If you’re using this version of Katalon Studio (as am I), you may have to get your hands dirty… (don’t worry, it’s not too bad. I got you!)

We’re going to upgrade to, at the time of writing this, ChromeDriver v122.0.6261.111

  1. Go to this link. Here is all the Chrome/Chrome Driver/Chrome Headless Shell/ … that you could even possibly care about, and then some.
  2. Scroll through the Stable table for the version of ChromeDriver for your Operating System. (Mine would be under win64.)
  3. Copy the URL for that version and paste it to another tab. This should trigger download of the ZIP file.
  4. Once the ZIP file is downloaded, do the following:
    a. find the Katalon Studio folder, that contains the Katalon Studio app on your computer.
    b .inside that Katalon Studio folder, search for chromedriver.exe file.
    c. open the location of that file (the folder that contains it)
    d. unzip the ZIP, and move the chromedriver.exe to that location you found
    e. restart Katalon Studio for good measure

VOILA! The issue is FIXED!!

Let me know if you face any issues with this in the comments section below…


@mwarren04011990 according to some workaround notes on this matter on a certain topic (which I cannot find anymore) an emergency release has been made for 8.6.8 with a fix.
e.g i can see there is a v8.6.8-20240227 available, pushed ~ 2 weeks ago, you can give it a try and see if indeed it includes the updated libs: