Dragging and Dropping of Scripts to split should be far more easier

I have 4 scripts opened.

I want to view as an example in script 1.
and code and edit in script 2.

I don’t want to switch between tabs.

I would like to choose between next to each other (column view)
I would like to choose between under each other (row view)

I would like to do that in the blink of an eye.

Now it shows immediately into: Not Responding (for a minute or so)

Also: when I use split modus.
I’d like to see a difference in the 2 scripts.
f.e. the one has a white background modus and the right side has a littlebit-grey or littlebit-blue-ish mode background.
the same happens when i open up 3 , 4 etc.
it shows difference.

changing the way it shows should have no effect or whatever on the fastness of being able to code.

preview of what the spit would look like shows ultra fast.

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I work with KS spread across 3 monitors. I tear off tabs all the time and position them wherever I want.

I also managed to edit one file in more than two views, but that was a long time ago and I’ve forgotten how to do it. Read the commands section of the settings, it’s probably a shortcut key.


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