Link Manual and Script Modes

We have been using Katalon Studio with great success for about six weeks and are very pleased with the recent improvements.

If I had to pick one suggestion for the editor, it would be to link the Manual Mode and Script Mode such that, when you switch back and forth between Manual Mode and Script mode, you should be approximately at the same line. This would be a time savings. (Presently switching to Script Mode requires manually scrolling down to find the corresponding line.)

Apologies if this this has already been suggested or implemented. I did search.


Hi Harold

If you’re comfortable working in Script View, I’d like to make the following prediction:

One day soon, you’ll forget there even is a Manual View



I would agree with @Russ_Thomas. However, would you mind to share with us your use case so that we can help you better @Harold_Owen?

Russ, in my case, I have many years with Java and no problem working in Script mode. However, I am automating test cases for non-programmers to enhance and maintain, so I am using the Manual mode to verify the steps can be maintained in Manual mode.

Alex, my use case is, if I am on line 80 in Manual mode, and I click on Script tab, I do not want to be at the top of the script, I would rather be at or near line 80 in order to avoid having to scroll down. For instance, sometimes Manual mode shows “Binary Statement”. If I want to see that Binary Statement in script, I should be able to just click on Script tab and be at that binary statement line without having to search for it.


Fair enough. I wasn’t trying to be facetious, but yeah, I get it.

Not sure there’s enough ground swell of need for this to be raised as a priority though. But what do I know… Christmas is coming, maybe Santa is listening :slight_smile:

I agree with Harold - it would be very useful to be able to go right from a step in Manual mode to the same step in the Script mode. We have a similar scenario where we have programmers and non-programmers working in Katalon, so it is often necessary to switch back and forth between these modes.