Start 2 instances of Katalon on 1 pc

Dear Katalon,

In order to view in directory’s on the left-hand side in Katalon, whilst building a new test script.
It comes in handy to open op 2 instances of Katalon on 1 pc.


it is clearly to see that this is not thouroughly tested.

What are expierences of others? Can it work properly?

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I’ve had more than two instances open. But… if you are trying to open the same project more than once, you should expect many problems.

Is that what you’re trying to do?

To paraphrase from Godzilla, “Size Does Matter”. You can enlarge the size of your monitor(s), like to 24" or 27" and perhaps work with 2 monitors. KS will be on one monitor and your browser will be on the other. Then you can set the “directory” on the one monitor to about a third of the monitor’s width. Personally, working on a laptop screen just doesn’t do it.

I don’t need 2 instances of KS. I would open a project on disk with

simultaneously, as follows:

VSCode will sense and show every updates you saved in KS without any human intervention.

On the other hand, when you made any updates in VSCode, you need to do a “reflesh” operation in KS.

I use VSCode quite often for the works that KS does not support well. For example, in VSCode,

  • I edit using markdown preview.
  • I edit a file named with suffix .html like index.html (you can’t open a HTML file in the text editor in KS, you know)
  • I use the Terminal window of VSCode where
    • I execute git command
    • I execute gradle command.

Same. I use VSCode, for example, for project-wide find (and/or replace), xpath search through saved dom.xml files, and also AI-powered code completion (I use TabNine, which literally just completes lines with the press of the Tab key, and learns from your style of coding)…

I’ll have Git BASH open, too, for any Git related stuff… All of that plus the WebDriver instances are open on the laptop screen. The Katalon Studio is open on my attached TV screen