Katalon Studio Should Allow More Than One Copy of a File to be Open for Editing

Like the title says…

I often need to view/edit code (especially in Keyword class files) at both the top and bottom of a file. It’s irritating to have to keep scrolling up and down.

So, please, PLEASE, add this capability!


Just a workaround, but have you considered editing your script in parallel in a second Katalon Studio session? In fact, this is quite a common scenario for me, since I develop my keyword scripts centrally and refer to them from the individual test-suite projects using soft symlinks only. This makes it possible to work in parallel in the same script files in all affected projects. I’ve also noticed that Katalon Studio fortunately detects when an already opened script has been changed in the file system and reloads it without changing the scroll position in the document.

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Yes, it is. The downsides (for me, anyway) would be

  1. the efficacy argument, switching between the two environments compared to working with two window-panels side-by-side in the same Katalon instance.
  2. Katalon is not exactly light on memory. With all the shit I generally have open, I often see performance issues which this workaround could only serve to exacerbate.

But thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t want to take the strength out of your cause. :wink: You are absolutely right, of course, that there is no apparent reason for this limitation. In this respect I gladly join your request.

Hell, no. Speak out! I prefer de Bono’s approach to whiteboarding/brainstorming: everything is allowed up front. Your idea could have sparked a better idea and I (we) wouldn’t have had the spark without your prompting it. In this instance, it didn’t, but you can’t predict that so… yeah, speak up! :sunglasses:

There is a solution already built into Katalon Studio - the New Editor command. But it has a bug: