Katalons Main Working Windows

Just throwing a suggestion out there.
The Scripting window\module and the Console\LogViewer etc window.
Anyway to unlock the windows and re-lock them in a side by side view?

Would be nice to make the explorer window small and put these two modules side by side vertically.
If this is possible and I am not seeing the setting please let me know.
Adding to features and will remove post if I am mistaken and this exists.

Like this?:

You can click and drag windows and place them anywhere you’d like, just like in Eclipse.

Edit: Sorry, just realized this is in the Katalon Analytics category. Is that correct, or are you talking about the studio itself?

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Oh! Thank you. Didn’t know I could do that. Havent worked much with eclipse. Mostly Katalon and then VS when writing C# code. Ok awesome!

yes… speaking about Studio itself. Thought I put this question\suggestion in feature requests. Mods please feel free to move this post if in wrong area.

trying to drag and drag… nothing is moving. : )

Ok I moved it :slight_smile:

Here’s me clicking the “Console” tab and dragging it to the upper-right quadrant of the studio:

FYI, the layout of your tabs/windows in the Eclipse/Katalon world is called a “Perspective”.

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You are a Wizard! Got it now.
ahhh no more re-arranging windows for de-bugging tests!
And thank you for the info on the layout style naming.

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