[Demo & Integration] Automate Oracle applications with Katalon Studio

:information_source: This is part 10 of our Demo & Integration series. Read Part 9 here: [Demo & Integration] PayZapp - Making a transaction via Scan - Pay QR Code


Today, we are going to take a look at how you can automate Oracle applications using Katalon Studio.

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Sample Project

How to run the sample project

Update the application URL, Username, and Password inside the Default Profile. Read our documentation for more information.

How to automate

  1. Customize your settings before recording a test case

  1. Record your test script using Katalon Recorder. Read our documentation for more information.

  2. Save Test Objects and Test Cases.

  3. Run the Test Execution. → Execute tests with Katalon Studio overview | Katalon Docs

  4. Verify the Test Execution Result. Read our documentation for more information.

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