Automation Testing for Oracle Form Based Application

Dear All Masters,
I’m trying to do automation (recording steps) for Oracle form based application as screen shot below:

Steps to test it are:

  1. Open Internet Explorer (must open IE as it is running only in IE not in other browsers)
  2. run the url
  3. Then it will open app which looks like desktop application as screen shot above.

I’ve tried to use API/Web/Generic options in Katalon, but it’s not working at all.

Need your help, if this feature already available in Katalon. Thank you very much.

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Hi [Yudistira_Nugraha],
Any update on this please, have you got any solution for this?

Rajeev Kumar

That looks like a Java-based executable launched from an IE instance. If I’m correct, there’s nothing in native Katalon APIs that can test this.

There may be a way to automate this with Winium. Search the forum for “winium”. Also, you could try AutoIt.

Good luck.