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In our effort to make Katalon Academy learning content more accessible for everyone, we are now offering our learning content on Udemy with our first course: Katalon Studio for Beginners: Create and Run Automated Tests.

This comprehensive course will guide you - especially newcomers to automation testing or those who are considering switching to Katalon Studio - through the ins and outs of the tool itself. Learn how to create effective test scripts, execute tests, and even generate detailed reports.

Key learning objectives include:

  • Mastering the Record and Playback feature to quickly create automated test cases.

  • Exploring various methods for creating and maintaining test objects, crucial for robust and reliable automated tests.

  • Utilizing built-in keywords in Katalon Studio to develop test cases for complex test scenarios, enhancing the depth and breadth of your testing capabilities.

  • Learning best practices for using Katalon Studio effectively, ensuring you can apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

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Thank you very much @viet.nguyen from our Academy team who have worked to make our learning content accessible to learners on Udemy! :heart:

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Thanks for sharing!!

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