[Demo & Integration] TestProject Migration to Katalon

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Following the launch of the Katalon Demo & Integration section on Katalon Academy, we will also be posting a series of accompanying topics to give you more context as well as the sample project used in each video.

Today we will be taking a look at the video TestProject Migration to Katalon.

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This project demonstrates how you can import and use your existing TestProject-based projects within Katalon Studio. It contains some of the test cases for Web Mobile and API test migration.


About TestProject

TestProject is an end-to-end automation tool that provides capabilities to automate Web, API, and Mobile applications. It is an open-source-friendly tool built on top of selenium and Appium. TestProject uses OpenSDK with Junit 5 for the building and execution of the test cases.

Repository for the Sample Project:

How to Migrate:

  1. Download a TestProject sample project


  1. Import all the required jars(build.gradle) Here


  1. Add all your project files inside Include >> Script >> groovy


  1. You have to fix all the errors

Change Junit 5 annotation to TestNG/Junit 4. (Katalon Studio does not support Junit 5 for now).

  • @BeforeAll >> @BeforeClass

  • @AfterAll >> @AfterClass

  1. Add @Test Annotation before the method “void execute()”

Initialise Katalon Webdriver inside the @BeforeClass.

For Web based application:

driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver();

For Mobile:

String dirName = RunConfiguration.getProjectDir():
MobileBuiltInKeywords.startApplication(dirName+"/App/APIDemos.apk", false);
driver = MobileDriverFactory.getDriver();


  1. Prepare TestNG.xml file by adding class name


  1. Prepare the test cases by adding TestNG or Junit Keywords
  2. Run the test execution Here


  1. Verify test execution result Here


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