Can agents be shared?

@ThanhTo again not sure if you are the right person to ask or not.

Is it possible to share an agent with a KRE license across multiple teams within Katalon Analytics? I have a couple of agents that will be utilized by our company… Our company services many different clients with different developers/qa engineers, but the resources for testing are shared.



Hi @shahin.fard,

It is possible to share the same agent across Projects of the same Team. You can assign the same agent to Plans of Projects in the same Team. Refer to this document for more details.

Hope it helps!

@sonpham Sorry, this doesn’t help… I know I can share agents across projects on the same team… My question was can I share agents across multiple teams. We have multiple teams under 1 organization, that share the same agent machines for remote execution.

Can we make this possible please!

Thank You in advanced!!

  • Sha

@shahin.fard It looks like you want to manage agents in the organization scope. However, this feature is not possible currently due to the implementation.

We will consider about the possibilities in the future.

Thank you for your understanding!