Load Balancing Agents


I was trying some web tests with katalon test ops, created a test plan and assigned 2 agents (windows) to the test plan.

I expected that the tests would then execute on a single available agent but it executes the tests on both. Are there any plans to load balance them so that when a test is launched with, let’s say Jenkins, it is only executed on one available agent? Is this already possible?

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Hi @jeremy.dewit,

We have implemented your requested feature. It is currently under test and will be ready to ship next week on the Katalon TestOps. Please check it out once it is available.

The Katalon Agent is also updated to support this feature. You can find it in version 1.4.0 and above.

Hope this helps!

Hi @jeremy.dewit,

The feature is now available. Please refer to this document to learn more.


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