Black screen when using Spy

I am facing a similar issue. When I use the spy object to record on an active browser, the left monitor becomes black and the only way I found to fix this is to reboot my computer. This is very frustrating.Is there a fix for this or a workaround not to fall into this trap?


Any updates on this? This seems to be very annoying. Please advise.

I don’t know what causes that but I’d guess there’s a gfx card issue - perhaps the Java subsytem is having issues with your card?

I had a similar issue a few days ago (but not using Spy, just running a test) and Katalon trashed my whole display. Following that, evvery time I started a test, one monitor would go black. But mine was COMPLETELY black, yours is not going by your screenshot.

@duyluong ideas?

No, in my case i have 3 monitors, only one goes black, and there is no way to get it back other than rebooting the PC. This is a real show stopper for us to use Katalon Studio (Web). In addition to other issues i encountered. Is there a fix /workaround for this?

it happens when we have another app opened (eg Microsoft teams) and then we try to use the spy web. This is very annoying.

Hi @mgrandillo,

Please answer the bellow questions to help us better for investigation.

  • Does this happen when you are using with multiple monitors? How about with single monitor?
  • Does this happen when you are using Microsoft Teams app only? How about if you turn the Microsoft Teams off.


I had it happen again. The culprit is geckodriver (marionette) which reports “out of memory” in the KS console and mentions “GFX” in the error. I was too busy to capture the output at the time. I updated the driver (0.27) and it has not happened since. If it does happen again, I’ll grab the report and post it here.

So, in my case, it’s not Java like I assumed, it’s geckodriver. And this time when it crashed, all four of my monitors were blacked out until the gfx card recovered.

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I think it is better if we update built-in geckodriver in next Katalon Studio releases.


I reproduced the issue as follows:

with 3 monitors:

I only had a chrome browser window opened clicked on the spy web (active browser), thats when the left-most monitor turned black.

with only my laptop as a monitor:

I had a web browser and teams opened, i did a spy object
and got a black monitor

Not very consistent but this is what I have observed.

I’m 99% sure we have two different issues that both just happen to cause black screens.

When @duyluong is able to narrow down your cause, I’ll split this one thread into two separate threads.

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Any updates on this issue?

Hello guys,

We are encounting this issue in our day to day activities with katalon. It is very annoying especially for those who only have one monitor. What is the timeline to have this fix? THank you.

I’m seeing this issue for Microsoft Teams. My monitor goes black when I receive a notification or Team call.

@duyluong Any tips for resolving this issue? We communicate almost exclusively through Teams, so this issue makes studio almost unusable.

the only workaround i found was to do show desktop when you get a black screen. It’s quite annoying when it happens. I have not seen this with Katalon Mobile however, only with Katalon Web.

I have the same issue and I am only using one monitor, this happen when try to use recording feature