Spy Web fails to capture intermittently

I have seen other blogs on the same subject however, none with any relevant answers so he it is.

My configuration is Dell Laptop with Win10 Enterprise using Chrome browser.Version 77.0.3865.120.

I have evaluated the latest copy of Katalon 7.0.2 and everything looked good. I was able to use recorder and add other elements using Spy Web on Chrome. The only problem I noticed is that at the beginning of using Spy Web, sometimes it wouldn’t capture the element (not green border blinks when using alt + `). After a few tries it would start working.

This morning, decided to demo it to my boss so we can start teaching others how to use it, however, I couldn’t make Spy Web work at all. Later I went back to my cube and tried to use it again and everything worked like a champ.

The only difference was is that in my cube I have my notebook attached to two good sized displays via a docking station. When I demoed to my boss I only had my notebook with no attachments.
Are there any known/common problems that I should be aware off ?? Otherwise I like Katalon more than anything else I have experienced.

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I’m replying to my own blog to make others aware of the problem I described above. I went back to the demo room with the same laptop and this time the Web Spy worked great.
Having some experience on OS engineering and docking stations, I’m aware that docking and un-docking your laptop sometimes leaves your laptop with undetermined or incomplete processes depending on the situation and your display could be one of the affected things. I believe the problem I was having was related to the action of docking/un-docking and a related video driver rather than Katalon. Perhaps do another docking making sure everything works as expected and then undock making sure that everything works as expected. I know it sounds weird, but I have seen this kind of things way too many times.

Agreed 100%. And on Win10? Agreed 200%. I use my Asus RoG laptop/Win10 with its 15" hi-def 1920x1080 screen plugged into (extended) 24inch monitor with its 1980x1080 screen all day. Sometimes I move it to a 4k TV screen over HDMI… and then back again. All manner of screw ups can occur going back that only a re-reboot will fix.

So, yes. You may have nailed the issue.

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