Associate user files of *.pdf and *.xlsx to the Internal Web Browser

The version 6.1.5 of Katalon Studio added the capability to display all user folders/files in Test Explorer.

This features is very helpful for me. But I found a small point to be improved.

Problem to solve

The following screenshot shows my project. It scrapes a cetain Web page; download+save a PDF file and an EXCEL file. In the Test Explorer tab sinice v6.1.5, I can find them

  • 23.xlsx
  • 24.pdf

However, when I double click them to open, PDF file and EXCEL file are opened with Text Editor. The editor shows non-human-readable stuff. It’s disappointing.


In the Katalon Studio GUI, in the tool bar, choose Window > Katalon Studio Preferences> General> Editors > File Associations. Then I added 2 file types

  • *.pdf
  • *.xlsx

and associated them with Internal Web Browser (default)

restarted Katalon Studio, reopen the project, then double-clicked 23.xlsx and 24.pdf.

23.xlsx was opened in an external window of Microsoft Excel. I happened to have it installed on my PC.

24.pdf was opened within Katalon Studio window using the Browser component.

PDF file and EXCEL file looked nice. I am satisfied that I can view PDF and EXCEL file just as normal.


Please change the default preference of Katalon Studio in Preference>General>Editor>File Association.: include associations for *.pdf and *.xlsx linked to the Internal Web Browser.