Katalon Editor should support opening/editing of files (txt,excel,json etc)

We can’t open text,excel,json,& other files using Katalon Studio Edior(like usually do with Eclipse).

Katalon studion should also support opening and editing of text,excel and other files.


Any update on this feature Request?
In Our framework, we are having sql queries in properties.

Is there any other way to edit the files in Katalon IDE?

This is already supported in Katalon Studio. When you right click on the outer most scope of your project Select New > File you’ll notice the default file type is .txt. You can edit virtually any text file (properties, markdown, etc.) If your project is integrated with git, you can view/edit the .gitignore and README.md directly from KS.

Thanks actually its working. Project refresh was not done properly and i thought katalon is restricted to the defined folder structure view.

Its working fine.