In Tests Explorer, double clicking *.xlsx file should open it with external MS Excel app

I am using Katalon Studio 7.2.1

My test scripts uses Apache POI API and create some *.xlsx (Excel Workbook) files within a Katalon Studi project. In theTests Explorer of Katalon Studio I can find those *.xlsx files are visible in the project tree.This feature was supported by Eclipse Project Explorer tab in Katalon Studio.

When I double-click the *.xlsx icon in the Tests Explorer, Katalon Studio opens them using its Text Editor. As you know the *.xlsx file is in binary format. Opening *.xlsx using Text Editor is just useless. See the screeenshot.

On the other hand, when I opend the project using Eclipse, I can double-click and open *.xslx files using MS Excel. See the screenshot.

I would request Katalon Studio to open *.xlsx files with MS Excel, if installed in the platform, just like Eclipse does.

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Please put this issue into your backlog

Thanks @kazurayam

I created an issue on Github for ease of tracking