Excel files created in Data Files directory but not seen in Data Files containing folder

Possible bug:
I started to use ExcelKeywords and successfully created spreadsheets. I looked at the Windows directory under “Data Files” and I can see them there. However, when I access the Project in Katalon Studio, nothing shows up under the “Data Files” dropdown. Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong? Is there a configuration parameter somewhere that I can add .xlsx files to?

It is not a bug. It is by design. Katalon Studio’s Test Explorer pane displays only the files it acknowledges. The pane does not display any unknown files.

You should locate your custom files somewhere else, not in the “Data Files” folder. For example, create a new folder Include/data and place your files there.

This worked - thanks. There is only 1 problem. I can review the Excel spreadsheet when I look at it from the new directory directly. But when I select it from the Katalon Studio all I see is trash. Seeing how Katalon works with Excel spreadsheets in the documentation, shouldn’t the app be able to recognize the file type and render it correctly?

Yes, I see trash as well.

better to have. But I wouldn’t require it.

I always use Visual Studio Code together with Katalon Studio. VSCode is a powerful complement of KS. I open a Katalon Studio project folder with VSCode. You can configure VSCode to open .xlsx file with default application which is, of course, Excel. You can configure VSCode to enable you a lot more. I personally use VSCode to author documents in Markdown format (REAMDE.md) with preview in VSCode. I create UML diagrams using PlantUML in VSCode. I execute arbitrary shell commands (e.g, 'git xxx') in the Terminal in VSCode. I wouldn’t require KS to support these “nice to have” features as VSCode complements well.