Open Local File

@kazurayam @Katalon_team
Hello to everyone ,
I have a problem. I want to open and show any of my local files on Katalon Studio.
For example, I need to open and display an excel file with csv extension. How can I do this?

Your question is yet ambiguous, unable to reply.

  1. Please show us what you have done — your test case script where you tried something to achieve “to open and display any of file”. This would tell us what advise is best helpful for you.

  2. Please provide a sample file you want to process — the type of file matters. It requires appropriate application if the file is not a text but some binary file like .xls, .zip, .tar.gz, .png, *.class, *.exe.

  3. Where do you want to read the file from? Where the file is located? Is it ok to assume that the file is located immediately under the project directory? Otherwise, please specify the path of the file on your PC.

  4. What do you mean by saying “I want to open and show ANY of …”. Do you require a single super method that can deal with any type of file regardless of its type? — it’s just impossible.

hello ,
For example, we downloaded the excel, pdf or doc file on a web page. I want to open and show this file.

You can find the files in the “Dowloaded” folder in the Windows Explorer, you can manually double-click them. Then they will open in windows of appropriate applications (MS Excel, MS Word, some Browsers with PDF Viewer) automatically chosen by OS. It should be enough. If you are not happy with it, please tell us why?

Do you desperately want to automate opening an Excel file and a Word file? I am afraid, there is no tool out of box. You need to invent your solution.

How to? let me describe what I have ever done…

You would need PowerShell installed in your Windows PC. You need to write a *.ps1 script to open files with appropriate application:

In Katalon Studio, you can write a Groovy script (a Test Case) that executes PowerShell as a Windows command while specifying the *.ps1 file you wrote. See

Using these 2 techniques combined, you should be able to achieve what you want : “open and show any of local Excel, PDF, Word files in Katalon Studio”.

This could be challenging.

Hello @emine
I want to know if you have found the solution.
Because I have such a case, where I want to open the excel file after downloading it.

Thank you for any suggestion.

I solved this by linking a katalon data file to the downloaded file and then read the file like a data file. This requires that you know the name of the downloaded file and can clean it up afterward so that the next test run won’t use an old downloaded file.