[New Release] Katalon Platform Updates

Hi Community users,

As you may aware, we launched the new modern and comprehensive Katalon Platform on September [Breaking News] The new Katalon Platform 🎉. Going forward, we would like to announce all releases with Module format (Plan, Author, Organize, Execute, Analyze and optional Administer). In this release note, we would like to share:

Author (Katalon Studio Platform Edition - 8.5.1)

Enhanced the error message in the Open Project dialog and the application onboarding.
More details here.

Organize (Katalon TestOps)

Improve the overall TestOps performance by separating the queue
Improve the performance of parsing reports to TestOps
More details here.

Execute (Katalon TestCloud)

Mobile Automated Testing:
Users can see that a test run was executed in selected native apps (TestOps)
Users can see the list of native apps that have been uploaded in TestOps
Users can delete native apps from the app list in TestOps
Users can select mobile environment to run test with selected native app in TestOps
Users can select native apps that have been uploaded in TestOps
Users can select to run with mobile browsers when scheduling a test suite in TestOps
More details here.

Thank you so much for using Katalon Platform. If you have any questions regarding the new changes please drop us your message here [Ask Katalon Anything] The new Katalon Platform.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us to improve your experience with the new release updates.

Katalon Community team.