After Creating two test cases, Katalon recorder doesn't to record

New to Katalon Recorder and i have created two scripts today. They recorded fine and i’m able to playback without any issues. Have configured Katalon TestOps for backup. However, now i want to record a new one but im unable to.I’m new to this so may be im missing something critical.

What happens ?

  1. I create a test case and hit record
  2. None of my actions are recorded as click
  3. When i go and click on Play, it just launches my chrome browser tab.

Recorder version : 5.3.21

Thank you,

Hi, I have two thoughts:

  1. Make sure You click somewhere on the page before clicking record button. Maybe Katalon somehow have a problem to take context of your page.

  2. This testcase is new and maybe this is the problem. Try to save it first. So you create new testcase, save it in testsuite and reload testsuite in katalon. I had some small issues when i have unsaved testcase.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

just curious, how to enable dark mode for Katalon Recorder? :sweat_smile:

Change color scheme for apps in windows settings. It’s should help.

Ahm, where is this “windows settings” that you are referring to? is it somewhere in the recorder plugin itself?

In windows itself. :slight_smile:
click windows type settings and so on. You can find it in google exaclty how to do it.