Recorder often does not record

If I have an existing suite with some scripts etc, I would run them until where they fail as I am developing them, but then when I press record to record more steps – it does nothing – it does not recording anything no matter how many things I do on the site nothing is recorded.

this makes it really hard to add to the scrips, I don’t understand why this does not work – must be miss-understanding something major here – press record and it does not record in cases where there was already script previously recorded


sometimes when You have unsaved changes in testcase doing some stuff may not work properly. Be sure to save changes and then (maybe even after reload of KAR - close and open again) try to record more commands.

I konw it’s may sound silly but check your testcase for this “unrecorded” commands. I had few times situation that i want to record more commands in the middle of test case but I can’t see them. The issue was that this commands was added at the end of testcase because i didn’t click on command where i want to be new commands recorded :smiley:.

In general i think restart of Katalon should help.


Restart of Katalon is not required.

You can directly save the test case and record it again in the same test case.

New recording steps will be added in the existing test case.

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You can record new steps in separate test case and then copy-paste them into Your main test case. I know it’s not perfect solution and it’s acctualy a workaround to this issue bu it’s should work as well :slight_smile:.


Thanks for that — great advise – so you’re staying save and restart. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

is it just me but is the saving systems really poorly designed, coz I need to click on the three dots button then save test suite as and then select the folders and then replace – that really sucks – why can’t I just press one button and its done :frowning:

Too many clicks – defeats the purpose of automating things :frowning: