Activate Katalon Studio


It seems like you’re behind a proxy, have you configured the proxy ?

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Please refer to this document for troubleshooting the network issue.


Hello! Please help!

Activation does not pass - writes about an incorrect username or password.

However, authorization on the site is successful.

Moreover, when you try to restore your password, it says that there is no such account.

Immediately when trying to create the same account - writes that the account still exists.


If you are using Katalon 6x, you cannot activate it since Katalon 6x was sunset on April 30, 2020. Please download Katalon Studio 7 on



Is it finally possible to activate Katalon Studio free version without an internet connection? My company is also still in a poc and it’s not possible to activate it via internet!

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Nope. Offline activation is a KSE feature.

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Hello, I do not know why. But it seems that Katalon required specific rights.
To fix this issue I launch Katalon.exe with admin right (refer to right click menu on exe file). So I can log and activate my solution.
After that I can launch the application without admin right user (as the solution already activated for my computer).

Did a solution to activate trial offline ever get released?


Hi @jason.billing, welcome to our Katalon Community. Would this docs help?

Thank you.