Troubleshoot Activation Problems

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I have downloaded Katalon Studio Free edition. I have registered my account. We are not behind any proxy, all Katalon sites have been Whitelisted. When I try to sign in to Katalon Studio, I immediately get “Email or password is invalid!” - it does this with good or bad passwords.

hello @Tim.Ramey you should check email or password on web Katalon. Maybe one of them is incorrect. Thanks,

I got the same error. I can login to the web but not in Katalon Studio.

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If your on a corporate network you will need to make sure you enter your proxy settings into the Katalon “Configure Authentication Proxy”. Additionally if your company uses a secure gateway solution (e.g. Zscaler, Crowdstrike, Umbrella) , you will also need to have those configured to allow your connection to Katalon.

Even though my account is verified. I can’t activate katalon studio. It shows “This account is blocked please verify you email at…”.

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Hi Guys, When running commands in the console, I’m getting the " Invalid license. Could not get license from TestOps server. Error message:". I checked my katalon version which is 7.8.2 and my trial doesn’t expire until Feb.5 2020. Can someone help explain what’s going on?

Hi I receive similar problem but even if I press “verify now” I can’t see email in my mailbox. I was thinking that it’s some trouble with my mailbox so I try to send a password reset email and it works. So right now I can’t use Katalon because my account has been blocked.

I figured out my problem. I have the free version which doesn’t support CLI commands

I click the ‘Verify Now’ button in my account profile, but nothing happened, even I use the safari and chrome.

I am getting the same error. I’ve created an account online and I downloaded the tool. But, when I executed it, it asks me to activate the tool I get this message: “Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server. Please check your Internet connection and try again.”. I am using a virtual machine and it doesn’t use proxy. Dunno what to do next, I am stuck.

I’m having problems activating Katalon Studio. Getting the Cannot connect to Katalon TestOps server. Please check your Internet connection and try again. I’m at home on my local network and have disabled our Norton Firewall, but still get the same issue. Anything else I should be checked? I’m on a Windows 7 pc.

If I navigate to the path in the activation window;, I can login successfully, but I still can’t get Katalon studio activated. I’ve tried on my personal Windows 7 and on a VDI session at work. I am trying to evaluate the product for my company so would really appreciate assistance in getting the product up and running.

Hi @beverly.frampton

Please enter the Server URL for activating Katalon Studio. We’re sorry for this inconvenience.


The same concern I encountered. After I click the activate button, even though my credentials are correct. nothing happend. Here’s my Katalon Studio Activation details

Server URL:
Email : My Email
Password : My Password

configured authentication proxy to no proxy this issue got resolved

I get the same issue

I get the same issue with and

When I am trying to login to Katalon Studio it is saying account is blocked but I am able to login to Katalon web. I have reset the password still facing same issue.

After activating the account my issue is resolved