Activate Katalon Studio Enterprise

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I have used Katalon Studio 6.2.1 for long time, but now I could not activate this version with my account, and I could not debug test case, so how to continue using the old version 6.2.1

I have had the same issue on 7.6.1. We have KSE, I am a registered user and my machine is registered. 2 weeks now and I still do not have the KSE functionality. Katalon support has not been that helpful.


Please provide the screenshot on Katalon TestOps where you have been added to the list of Registered users of KSE, and the About Dialog within your Katalon Studio.

So the Katalon Admin in your organization must go through steps to assign the license. Here are the steps in which Katalon support provided. I now have Enterprise features / Debug working!.
1. Added the user account to an organization.
2. Assign the license to the user account.
3. Login again from KS application.

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