Katalon Studio Enterprise activation


We have procured the licence for Katalon Studio Enterprise. But still, We could see as Katalon Studio (After a KSE trail of 1 month) after logging into my account in Katalon tool.

Can anyone please suggest if there is any other setups/ steps that we are missing for KSE activation.

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Have you take a look at this document ?

Online License: Only the registered users who are added to the Register Users list can use online licenses.

Please remember to go to TestOps > Organization > Licenses and add your email into the list of Registered Users.


I tried offline activation by referring to the link you provided. I was able to download the licence file(using machine Id). And after uploading the licence file, and entering my account credentials, i am getting error saying:

This Account does not belong to this organization ID: xxxxx
Please try again or contact your administrator.

Can you please suggest if there are any steps missing/ needs to be done.


Enter the email and password registered for your Katalon account then click Activate.
You are navigated to your own organization, or you can select one of the organizations you belong to in the drop-down list, click OK.
You’re recommended to install the plugins for a better experience with Katalon Studio.


I entered by email and Password registered with Katalon account in Katalon tool. After that only, i got an error message below saying,
“This Account does not belong to this organization ID: xxxxx
Please try again or contact your administrator.”

Where can we navigate to select the Organization?
Are the plugins recommended for the activation of KSE? If yes, What are they?

Please do needful.


Hi @sridhar.rejeti

If you go to analytics.katalon.com and log in with your account, do you see any organization under the list of Organizations ? If not, then please create one, and then after that switch back to Katalon and login to see if that works.

Yeah… I do have an organization created in analytics.katalon.com/ Organization. But it is still not showing up in Katalon.

I think your account does not belong to the organization that has issued the offline license. Please ask the admin to add you to the organization.

PS: Please blur your email in the screenshot if necessary.

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Also if you don’t need the integration with Katalon Store and Katalon TestOps (since you are using an offline license anyway), please click Skip in that step.


I need access and integration with Katalon Store and TestOps. Can I proceed now or do I need to follow Online activation.

As per the above doc, I entered my registered credentials and got KSE trial of 30 days. But after that getting Katalon Studio only. Do we need to do anything to activate KSE after trial period.

Also, what are recommended plugins to be installed.

From Organization owner point of view, do we need to have anything setup.


What are the steps to be followed to add me to the organization? can you please help me.

Please tell your organization owner to log in to https://analytics.katalon.com, select the organization that has issued your offline license, and click on Manage Users.

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Thanks for your support.

We were able to activate through Online Activation.

Organization owner sent the mail invitation to join into the Organization. Upon accepting it, Organization owner was able to see me in ‘Add users’ and added me in the registered user.

After that, I was able to get KSE successfully. Appreciate all your efforts.


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