Unable to sign into my account since today

Since today I can’t sign into my account on Katalon studio with either V8 or the V9 app. I have tested signing in on the website and this works however using the same login on Katalon Studio presents me with the following error message.

“Cannot get data from account with ID=XXXXXX which could be deleted or not exist.” I’ve not done anything on my end to delete my account or change any data related to it and I can sign in on the website platform for test ops using this login just fine. Would anyone at Katalon be able to investigate because I cannot use KS in any capacity.

I’ve been using this account fine for the past 2 years so not sure what happened to cause this.


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.



Are you Enterprise user? Can I ask for your orgID

Hi @Elly_Tran No this is on the free version of Katalon Studio V8.6.9 and V9.5.0 which I have tested on this account.

I can login using the same details on the website for test ops just fine though.

Seems like some kind of data issue related to the account preventing sign in on Katalon Studio.

Hello I have the same issue since yesterday.
What can I do about this thing?

Nothing much really. I have made another account and using that in the meantime but new accounts don’t work with KS V8 and only V9 so I am limited in what I can do. Haven’t heard anything from Katalon about a fix for their error.

Im also having this issue and since its a free account I cant submit a ticket. Hoping for a resolution soon.


I will ask my team and back to you guys soon

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@Elly_Tran Do you know if there is any update on this? I have not been able to login for over a week now on my account via Katalon studio. Have not been updated by anyone on the issue.

Hi all,

You got the error message because you have an expired trial license so you need to contact our sales team to purchase a license.

Please help contact our sale team via this email: business@katalon.com

Hope this can help. Thank you

Hi @Elly_Tran

I don’t understand this, I have been able to use Katalon studio free version for 2 years after the license expired and now all of a sudden I need to buy a license? Shouldn’t I be able to just use the free version without a paid license still? This seems more like a data issue because I can make a different account and then still use Kataon free version just fine but I can’t use the free version of Katalon on this account with the error I’m getting. The error is related to not being able to pull data from the account itself.