Windows Desktop app - how to change windows for Spy or Recorder?


I’m using KSE 8.0.5 on Windows 10 with WinAppDriver 1.2.1 .
Testing a Windows app and unable to proceed due to Katalon not seeing a new window. My app opens a second window and actions need to take place on the second window, but using Recorder or Spy is not possible due to following behaviour.
a) Spy: elements can be captured until the second screen is opened - the new screen cannot be seen by the Spy. Error ‘NoSuchWindowException’ is thrown.
b) Native Windows Recorder: as above, elements are captured but when the second screen opens, it cannot be seen by Recorder.
c) Windows Recorder (regular recorder): elements are captured. Second screen opens. At this point the recorder stops. A message appears stating that ‘Application closed’. Cannot capture any additional elements as recorder has stopped.

Question: how do I record or capture elements in the second window, as the first window only acts as a navigation screen to get to other options - each of which opens a second window. Option c) seems like it should work, since it has a button named ‘switch to window’, yet this cannot be used because the app stops as soon as the second window opens.

edit: seems to be same issue as Unable to Capture second window using Windows recorder - #8 by karthikeyan.sundara1, which does not have a resolution (using Inspect.exe or similar is not preferred - is there a way to do this in Katalon? I’m not able to close any popups either - these are part of the app but appear as additional Windows, with their own title and a single button ‘OK’, but cannot find a way to close and proceed with recording)

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I think I have the same problem. My application starts and I can fill out some fields, but when I submit the data and a new window opens It can’t be accessed.
Also switchToWindowTitle does not find my new window when I implement it manually.
Can anyone suggest a workaround?