Object Spy Unable to Detect Objects on Different Windows

It does not appear that the Windows Object Spy is able to capture test objects on a window that is not the first one opened.

When recording a Windows Application, I am able to switch to another window via ‘Switch to Window Title’, however, I don’t see this option for Spy Windows Objects. The program I am trying to record opens and closes new windows and I would like to be able to capture their objects without having to record each time.

Is it possible to spy Windows objects from a window that is not the initial application?

I haven’t figured out a way to do this either.

I’m having this kind of issue too, did any admin figure this out?

This is the same issue with my application that I am trying to automate. After the login page, the windows spy is not switching to the my account page on the windows app. If I refresh the windows spy, it starts capturing the Katalon Windows Spy application itself. This is very strange and there doesn’t seem to be a work around for this. I have tried the recorder way also, but it is the same with the recorder. As soon as the second window opens, the recorder cannot recognize it anymore and starts looking for the Katalon windows itself instead of the application under test. I have been sitting on this for almost a week now but not able to find a way. Please help.

Yes even I’m facing this issue. The focus is lost after a new window is opened and if I refresh the screen, it captures the Katalon window itself. Do we have to use the “Switch to Window” action to change the focus on the new window? Please help.