Unable to record form click - Windows testing


The controls present in the login screen of the application are getting recorded.

Once when successfully logged in, the application opens Main form which have Menu Strip control. The menu clicks of this control is not getting recorded in the Katalon studio.

Our application redirects to different forms based on the menu clicks.

Screenshot attached for reference.

windows testing

So, we are facing a roadblock issues and unable to proceed further.

Kindly provide us a solution to proceed further.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Divya_T,

To record an Application that has multiple windows, Katalon provides the keyword SwitchToWindowsTitle and an equivalent action in Windows Recorder. After the login step, you just need to do the Switch To Window Title action with the title is your main window title.

Besides, your screenshot doesn’t look like a Desktop App but it more like a Web Page. Are you sure you’re recording a desktop application? Or are you embedding a web view inside your app? Please let me know more about your app so I could help you more /=).

Thanks for your reply @thongnmtran

That is the screenshot of windows application attached in the previous post.

No, we are not embedding the windows with the web and it is purely windows application.

Thank you for the solution and it is working fine.

But while using the windows spy, same issue is identified and also we dont have any methods to implement there.

How to proceed the same issue in windows spy? Can you suggest the possible way to proceed the same with the windows spy.

It will add more value or becomes ease in our work.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Divya_T,

Happy to hear that your problem was resolved /=). And about the same action for Windows Spy. There are several other users who have also requested this, and this really is a useful function. So we will consider to implement it soon. Thanks for your suggestion /=).

There is a workaround is to use Windows Recorder as a Spy. You could do getText, Click… on the element to get it captured. Then save the Captured objects and throw away recorded actions.