Will the Katalon supports UI application which is Angular /Angular JS in nature

Will the Katalon supports UI application which is Angular /Angular JS in nature. Will it supports if the UI application is hybrid in nature?

Basically, yes. If it’s HTML running in a browser you can test it.

as a user, do you care how the application is developed? or how it is rendered/acting in the browser?
whatever is rendered, can be tested
the angular, react or whatever voodoo should be left to developers. no unit testing, no code coverage? not ready for qa testing. easy as that

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thank you. I am seeing that for our hybrid applications sometimes the tool could not able to locate the elements. I am seeing inconsistency. So, checking in the forum if it supports the applications which are hybrid in nature

That’s likely due to timing issues. Be sure to WAIT for things to become visible (i.e “ready”).

Hi @bharath.test999

In the future we will continue working on enhancing the Web Recorder with new features, possibly some image recognition and heuristics-based techniques to enable better element location. There’s no official road map for this yet, but that’s the general direction we’re heading towards.

In principle Katalon strives to be a framework-agnostic tool which means it will not care if the website is implemented by Angular, Ember, etc because front-end frameworks are born and deceased every day and it’s impractical to cover them all.

Hope it’s informative.

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Thanh, it would be good if you (all Katalon devs, senior people) made posts where you share this kind of info in a more formal manner. Right now, this kind info gets lost in the general “swamp” of different forums.

Perhaps create a forum category just for that. Only devs/mods can post new topics, anyone can respond.

Yes, impractical and totally unnecessary (I’d say). Sage advice, though.

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I agree. Will definitely discuss this possibility.

Roadmaps can influence business decisions of our customers so we need to be careful, but yeah I agree that it’s a good thing to inform people of what is to come .

Good nudge !

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