Can use Katalon studio for angularjs Web application testing?

I want to automate angularjs web app…So can we use Katalon studio for angularjs testing…?

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I too am interested in finding out if Katalon can be used to automate Angular JS web app testing. I am currently looking for a tool to do that and just stumbled on Katalon during my search. However I have not seen anything on this site, that allows me to determine if it has built-in functionality to test Angular JS. I only saw one about react.js which I am not interested in at the moment.

Can someone from the Katalon team, confirm without any ambiguity whethere this can be done or not? or to do Angular JS, we have to go through lots of hoops to achieve basic Angular JS automation. Thanks in advance for the confirmation.

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I am trying to test my site which used AngularJS on Katalon,
but now jamming on how to get and verify the form controls value, something like <input… ng-model=“text” …>

Please read this Angular, Katalon & ngWebDriver.

It works, here is my code for your reference

// initialize angularjs instance
WebDriver driver = DriverFactory.getWebDriver()

// Creating an instance of NgWebDriver
ngdriver = new NgWebDriver((JavascriptExecutor) driver);

// Waiting for Angular to finish async activity
// initialize angularjs instance - End

BankCodeElement2 = driver.findElement(ByAngular.model(“entryCtrl.ngModel.BankCode”));
String BankCode2 = ngdriver.retrieveAsString(BankCodeElement2, “entryCtrl.ngModel.BankCode”);


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