Can i use katalon studio to test Angular Website. Does it support all the locators method which are supported by protractor

Can i use katalon studio to automate Website built on Angular8. Does it support all the locators method which are supported by protractor

I want to start automation for my website which is build on pure Angular. Is Katalon Studio is the right tools to start for Web automation made from.


what locators do you mean? You can test any web application using Katalon.

Hi Marek

Thanks for prompt reply.

I just want to know about the basic locator for which actually we have to use protractor.

Some locators like


As i ask this question because when i have record the script its is not use “by.binding()” method. So do i need to import any library for this things.

Or i have to just record and add test cases will work fine.

I am beginner to this tools so i just want to clear my doubts.

You cannot use those locators in Katalon by default.
But there is an extension to WebDriver called ngWebDriver - you can import it as 3rd party library into Katalon and use it to improve testing of Angular webapp.

Hi Marek,

Thanks for valuable information. One more question.
Could you please tell me how i can install this ngWebDriver plugin.
Also let me know is this plug in provide recording feature or i have to manual scripting for each test case.

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Download JAR library from here

In Katalon, open Project - Settings - External Libraries.
Add the JAR file and restart Katalon.

Now you’d be able to import all classes from this library.

And I’m afraid you cannot use it in recorder, but in Script mode in Katalon Studio.

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@Marek_Melocik Please make that a TIP. :slight_smile:

I am about to do it, even with some examples. I just need some time to prepare it. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Russ_Thomas

Sorry but can you tell me what is TIP :smiley:

A Tips and Tricks article - anything posted here:

Oh Great… Thanks for prompt helping.

altough is a great TIP i would never do that.
what if tomorrow the client you work for will suddenly decide to change the framework? tadaa … you have to re-write all your testcases

testing process should be as much as possible framework agnostic.
better use a ‘blackbox testing’ approach rather than sneak-peak into the developers code.
framework specific tests should be written by developper himself. they are named ‘unit tests’.
you as a frontend tester should only ask a coverage report. not available? sorry boss, we have two options here:

    • we don’t test garbage … or
    • since the code is not tested, we have to do extensive blind testing (boundary, negative and so on … unleash the qa hell upon them)

just saying …

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Well, how often does this happen? And how long does it take to completely change UI framework? From my experience, it may take few weeks or months and you must update your tests no matter what libraries you use. There’s nothing like a perfect test, every UI framework is a bit different and do things in other way.

Moreover, this library adds only few extensions for By class, so selectors could be used in better way. Nothing too much complicated even if you’d have to redo it.