I am unable to get locators using Spy web for Angular JS application, Is katalon supports Angular Js?

Does Katalon support angular JS

I would also like to know if Katalon Studio works with Angular Js.

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Hi…i am also working on angular based web application and am not able to select ng based locator to select using katalon. Does Katalon support Protector Framework?

Please have a look at my comment at

I made the comment about React.js but I would apply the same thought to Angular as well.

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I have same question , and above links are not working seems like they are private
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Hi @surbhi_agrawal @utkarsh.chaudhary

You can use ng based locator same as you use attributre in Object’s properties. Example:


In above example, Element has tag ‘Pre’ and attribute ng-if attribute. which summarizes Xpath as below
//pre[@ng-if = ‘!vm.coldef.colDef.url’]

FYI, let me link to the recent discussions on the theme above:


We are trying to automate angular based application.
I captured login page objects with Object Spy and the attributes dont have ng-*
Please help me how to use XPath

The Object Spy tool does not generate xpath that uses ng-*. You should not expect much support by the Object Spy tool. It is just ignorant of Angluar’s special ng-* attributes semantics.

However, you can manually edit Test Objects generated by the tool. You can add a Property with Name of ng-*. @Rudra showed an example at Feb '19 in this thread above. I am saying that you need to be capable of writing XPath expressions manually rather than blindly relying on the Object Spy tool.