Where to locate the Katalon Studio binary on Windows?

In this Forum, many people reported that their Katalon Studio on Windows does not work well. Often the cause was that they installed Katalon Studio into a folder which their Windows User lacks WRITE access privilege.

Let me enumerate some of recent posts:

  1. Old test cases won’t work on new upgrade Katalon 7.9.1 installed KS into C:\Katalon

  2. java.io.IOException: invalid argument installed KS into C:\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-7.9.1

  3. Running test suite/ test suites collection is super slow installed KS into C:\Program Files(x86)

possibly there are a lot more amongst older posts.


Katalon Documentation for installation does not explain where users on Windows should locate KS, where not to.

This issue will be dependent on which User Account of Windows 10 he/she is using, and how the Account is granted for access permission. This makes things complicated.

My thought

I think, they should locate KS under the C:\Users\yourname folder. For example, I always make C:\Users\kazurayam\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-x.x.x per versions.

They must not locate KS outside the C:\Users\yourname folder. For example, C:\Program Files(86), C:\Katalon — these are discouraged.

However, it is likely that users are working under their Job’s organisational security policy, and they are not granted to take easy ways.


Please, Katalon team, write it clearly in the doc.

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What do you, Katalon Team, think about the previous suggestion for MSI Installer?

MSI Installer should be able to verify if the current Windows user have appropriate access privilege to the folder which user chose to install KS.

Hi @kazurayam,

Thank you for your feedback, we will look into it and update the document accordingly.


The following issue suggests

that the Installation guidance for Linux needs to be reviewed.

Some said that they cannot install anything under C:\Users folder due to their organisational policy.