Periodic workspace save.' has encountered a problem

anyone can guide me ?

In which folder did you install Katalon Studio?
Do you have the full write privilege of the folder?
I guess, you don’t.
So that Katalon Studio failed to do ‘Periodic workspace save’.
A workaround could be reinstalling Katalon Studio into a folder which you (Your Windows user) have the full write privilege.

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I have installed this on virtual machine .
2nd how can I find this folder in katalon ?

Hi em, could you take a look at this issue?

Hi @Noor_Ahmed_Khan,

You may want to take a look at this topic by kazurayam and see if you can locate the KS installation folder in the C:\Users\yourusername\ folder.

Since you somehow open Katalon you should know where it is located …
Anyway, go to Help > About > Installation Details > Configuration.
The line following the -launcher option shows where Katalon is actually installed on your machine.
E.g on linux it will look like this: