Did any one faced this in windows "katalonc executable launcher was unable to locate it's companion shared library"

We are evaluating Katalon Studio for our project.

I installed the Katalon Studio Enterprise, developed a testcase, test suite and a test suite collection. Then trying to prove that I could able to run the test suite using command line after building the command from the ‘command builder’.

After downloading the Katalon Runtime Engine (a pre-requisite) zip file, while extracting it in to a folder next to the installation folder of the KSE, I faced “path too long” error for a couple of files. I skipped those two small files.

C:\Users\a-venutalapat\.katalon\packages\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-9.4.0\Katalon_Studio_Engine_Windows_64-9.4.0>katalonc -noSplash -runMode=console -projectPath="C:\Users\a-venutalapat\Katalon Studio\WheatlandProject\WheatlandProject.prj" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/Wheatland/CreateOrderTestSuite" -browserType="Chrome" -executionProfile="default" -apiKey="247ea652-e44f-4ee9-bb98-bfe8eb8134ab" --config -proxy.auth.option=NO_PROXY -proxy.system.option=NO_PROXY -proxy.system.applyToDesiredCapabilities=true -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true

Then when I try to run from inside the KSE installation folder, I face this pop up

Why this is happening ? How to resolve this ?

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.



Can you please share which version you are installing, your OS, …? Can you please try another unzipper program?

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Please make sure that you are following correct steps.
you can also look into Get started with Katalon Runtime Engine | Katalon Docs