Cannot uninstall on Windows 10

In programs I can find Katalon and right-click to uninstall, but it only brings up the list of installed programs and Katalon is not there. Going to the Add/Remove Programs does not show Katalon either. I had to manually remove the shortcut and Katalon folder and the Katalon folder in my user directory. I just hope that it didn’t leave things installed in other places.

*Steps to reproduce

  1. Install Katalon Studio
  2. Go through tour creating a sample test
  3. Attempt to uninstall Katalon

*Expected Results

Katalon should show in the list of Add/Remove Programs so that I can uninstall it easily

*Actual Results

Katalon does not show in the list and trying to uninstall from the shortcut does not work.

*Screenshots / Videos


Number of affected users?

*Operating System
Windows 10

*Katalon Studio version


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I found some topics below which also raised a similar question :point_down:

Since the topics themselves are a bit dated, I will also tag in our Studio Product Manager @xuan.tran for additional insight.



Katalon studio comes with the .exe file But it won’t install like the other Windows installer files do.

a .zip file will be added into the following location in your Windows OS and got unzipped and a shortcut to the repository will be created as a shortcut


Just Delete the File from this location this will remove all the katalon files from your system.

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