Visual Checkpoints created count not reflected on certification section

Hi Team,
I created visual checkpoints but the count is not reflecting on the certification section.

I created the visual checkpoints and ran schedule from testops, it is showing those baseline checkpoints as well. I created these 2 days back, after this what ever did those reflected but not this.

Please help me i have to complete this before 25-jan, otherwise license will expire.

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Thank you for letting us know your issue. I would like to tag @viet.nguyen here to support your Cert issue.


Hi @sarada_akurathi, please check this thread if it helps Finding it hard to meet some certification criteria? Then read this topic!

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Hi Team, Now it reflected the Visual Checkpoints score. It took more time to reflect as later created testcase count reflected but not this, so got the doubt.
Thanks Team, the way I created is correct, use “TakeScreenshot …” keywords and run them on setting up schedule on TestOps by selected any version of RuntimeEngine (not latest option) then first it creates baseline visual checkpoint, second time run it creates the visual checkpoint with the name given in the script and links to the testcase.