Certification Progress Report Issue- Data has not been synced correctly

Hi @viet.nguyen,

On Sunday I worked hard to meet all the requirements for my practitioner level certification but on Tuesday I found the report had not been updated properly. Please help me check it.


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.



Welcome to our community. Thank you for letting us know your issue. Please give us time to check and let you know soon. In the meanwhile, can you reload and see if it is updated?

I had the issues with the testops progress, i did everything met the conditional of certification on last Monday but it is not sync for me.

Please help me check it

Hi, please take a look with my progress too. It is seem to be not right.

I created more than 32 NEW testcases by using Katalon Studio but it was only show 3.
My testop has a lot of results and i have already run testsuite/testsuite collection on TestOps but the progress now still 0%

I really need this certification to work. Thanks in advanced.

Hi @Elly_Tran and @viet.nguyen , i got the issues with testop it not sync my progress, i believe i met all criteria correctly , my company is using Katalon to work and i really need this certification to start my task with customer, pls help me check it.

I just reloaded the page but the data is not synced correctly. I believe I have created the new test case properly. Please help me check. Thank you

Hi @Elly_Tran and @viet.nguyen, I have the same issue with her.

I don’t know what problem. Please check for me and help me get it.
Thank you very much!

Hi there @thanhphung29699, I see that you have completed two out of four requirements for the Practitioner certification. It seems like the only one you’re having trouble with is Test case creations.

May I ask about all the test cases you created? Do you import them into Katalon Studio? Please note that if you use test case samples from a project sample or import tests into your Katalon Studio, it won’t count.

You will need to create test cases from scratch to meet this requirement.

Hope this helps.

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Hi there @hien24681012. For the test creations, please check my comment above.

For the two other requirements, that seems odd. Is the account you use for TestOps the same as the one you log in to Katalon Academy for certification?

@viet.nguyen I see data are updated but I don’t know what happened with the test case that I created. It is new and not duplicated or imported from others. Please help me with this situation! Thanks

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I will double check our system. But in the meantime, can you describe the steps you created those test cases? @hien24681012


My steps are:

  1. Create a new case
  2. Click an icon web
  3. Enter the web path I want to test
  4. I do the step for test case and verify it by katalon
  5. Click save
  6. Add more activities by add button such as close browser,etc…
    On the other hand, I script some test cases in the script section!

Hi @viet.nguyen , sorry to tag you again, i got professional certificate but i think there are a problem with " Test case creations". I created all new testcases (not copy, not clone) consists of: API Test, Window Test and Web UI test, i do not use sample project, i create new project but after 4 days it still show 3/30.

Lets see my testcase on testops:

Hi @hien24681012 @thanhphung29699 @khangvy210219 @linhthixuannguyen. There was a delay in data update and it’s fixed now. I see that you guys all got the Practitioner certification. Please double-check and confirm this. Congrats on the achievement!

By the way, I’ve seen many users from Vietnam asking about the certifications recently. Do you guys come from the same company? How do you know about this program?

Hi @tranthiphong93. No need to be sorry for tagging me. I’m here to help! For the test case creations, you must create them in Katalon Studio, not TestOps. If you have created them already, please send me the screenshot.