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Support sending emails from another email address in addition to the default username. - This is really a very nice feature to have. Thanks for making it, but when i use the other email address do i need to change the mail server settings for the new user id too? If am not changing it, it shows an error like below when i try to send a test mail. If i want to change then what is the use of additional email address here? we can change the existing username anytime with any mail server setting. Correct?


If you are using Outlook email server, TLS port should be 587.

You can only send email as another sender if your email server accepts this delegation so the user email and the sender email should be in the same email server address.


Same error even if i change to 587 and both the users are in the same email server address too

Hi @ismail.mee,
Did you set up the other email address (Sender textbox) in your original email address (Username textbox)?
Please follow this guide to set up your email: Send email from a different address in
This is my outlook email setting:

And this is the result after setting up Emails in KS:

Thanks @Loan_Tran. That helps!


Do you already know of the bug concerning “Run With” in a Test Suites Collection?
In this version I’m unable to specify how to run the different Test Suites in the collection.
(Only Web Service is present in the options). I’m used to using this feature from previous versions en definitely seems like a bug.

Looking forward to a fix, since I cannot execute a full Test Suite Collection (with “Run with” specified per Test Suite) on this version.

(It seems to have been mentioned here too:

Hello All & Katalon Team,

I’ve been experiencing some bugs on this version;

  • Inside the report folder, this version not provide the HTML report
  • Experiencing the ‘Job Progress’ tab closed while the test still running
  • Experiencing the Katalon crashed while the browser testing still running

May this to be the concern of the team.

Thank You.