Unable to Send Email in Katalon Studio Email Settings

While checking the email servers for outlook configuration and observed getting “Unable to send email to following server: smtp.mail.outlook.com:567. Please check configuration on your email server. Refer to this guide for more details.” error.

Below Configuration provided:
Host: smtp.mail.outlook.com
Port : 567
Protocol - TLS.

Verified in Latest version 8.5.2 and 7.3.0 versions.

Hi Team,
Any update on this?

I’m also getting the same error pop-up. My outlook credential is up to date. I was able to send email a few weeks back with the below settings and now I’m not able to.
Host: smtp.office365.com
Port : 587
Protocol - TLS.
Encrypt authentication data ‘Checked’

Please Help…

@naveen.s, did you able to resolve the issue? Any solution or workaround?

@naveen.s @rismat Did you able to resolve this above issue?

Yes, @zahid1, I was able to overcome this issue. For outlook, I’m using

Host: using company provided host IP address for outlook
Port: 25
Protocol - None
Encrypt authentication data ‘Checked’
(For username and password I’m using a company dev email that doesn’t have many restrictions)

Ok thanks for responding. In my case, I’m using
Host : Smtp.gmail.com
Port : 587
Protocol : SSL
Encrypt authentication data ‘Checked’
For username and password, We had created gmail account specifically.
Previously we were getting emails but suddenly it is giving me below error