Unable to Send Email in Katalon Studio Email Settings

While checking the email servers for outlook configuration and observed getting “Unable to send email to following server: smtp.mail.outlook.com:567. Please check configuration on your email server. Refer to this guide for more details.” error.

Below Configuration provided:
Host: smtp.mail.outlook.com
Port : 567
Protocol - TLS.

Verified in Latest version 8.5.2 and 7.3.0 versions.

Hi Team,
Any update on this?

I’m also getting the same error pop-up. My outlook credential is up to date. I was able to send email a few weeks back with the below settings and now I’m not able to.
Host: smtp.office365.com
Port : 587
Protocol - TLS.
Encrypt authentication data ‘Checked’

Please Help…

@naveen.s, did you able to resolve the issue? Any solution or workaround?

@naveen.s @rismat Did you able to resolve this above issue?

Yes, @zahid1, I was able to overcome this issue. For outlook, I’m using

Host: using company provided host IP address for outlook
Port: 25
Protocol - None
Encrypt authentication data ‘Checked’
(For username and password I’m using a company dev email that doesn’t have many restrictions)

Ok thanks for responding. In my case, I’m using
Host : Smtp.gmail.com
Port : 587
Protocol : SSL
Encrypt authentication data ‘Checked’
For username and password, We had created gmail account specifically.
Previously we were getting emails but suddenly it is giving me below error

Any update on this issue?

Any update on this issue?

Use Port as 465 and Protocol as SSL and try it.

If the above solution doesn’t work then you can refer to this below link for Correct SMTP Configuration.

I did all the steps mentioned and I still have the problem

can u try this once in v8.5.5? it might be there is bug in the version your using.

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