Getting the error while setting up email

Hi Team,

I’m trying to configure the email but getting the error as attached in the screenshot. Can someone please help me?

Hey Vivek @vivek.singla, thank you for asking. Maybe you can try changing the port from 35 to 587 to see if it solves your problem? You can further check the email server setup for Office here.

Hope this helps!

Hi @chen.lee , Thanks for the response, but getting the same error with the port 587.

Hey @vivek.singla, maybe try changing your protocol from SSL to TLS to see if there is any change?

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Still the same issue @chen.lee

My Two cents …

The below solution has worked for me.

In the Username textbox & Sender textbox, key in your personal outlook id or hotmail id.

I have the same issue for this one however i think this is due to that my outlook email has 2FA can someone help me on how to set it up ?