Version 6.0.5: Local variables are disappearing if save button is not clicked before moving to another tab For example Script or Manual mode


  1. Create a local variable but do not save it
  2. Navigate to script view or Manual view
  3. Go back to variables tab

Result: Newly created variable is not there

Note: Local variable stays if user hits save button before moving away from local variables page

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@devalex88 Incase you guys haven’t fixed this issue for the new release.

This is happening with me also, Issue is reproducible.

@Bhawna_Rani, @manpreet.mukkar, thank you for your report. We will prioritize fixing this bug.

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Thanks @huynguyen

is this fix currently scheduled for a release? Very frustrating.

@scott.babineaux This fix is listed in the bug fix list of version 7.0 beta