Version 5.6 causes some buttons to be not identified by Recorder

Version 5.5
Capturing a button via web recorder works as expected.the details fo the captured button are added to the object repository

Version 5.6 same button is not recognised by the web recorder.If I sue Object spy it identifies the button.

Kindly fix this as it is difficult to record test cases now as half of the buttons it is not identifying as it should. the ability for the recorder to recognize button on page has been diminished greatly with this version

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Can you help to tell us which specific buttons you can identify?

I have attached the sample behavior on both 5.5 and 5.6; I had luckily kept the 5.5 version to go back in case needed. With 5.6 it was really difficult to move forward

xpath of the button :
/html[@class=“canvas supports cssanimations csstransforms csstransforms3d csstransitions”]/body[@class=“home”]/div[@class=“container-wrapper main-container”]/div[4]/div[@class=“row cardsummary”]/div[2]/div[@class=“row”]/div[@class=“row hidden-md hidden-lg”]/div[@class=“col-xs-12”]/div[1]/a[@class=“btn btn-primary activate-button-color”]

class of the button:
btn btn-primary activate-button-color

Katalon studio button recognition.docx

Hi Harini,

What browser are you using?

People are experiencing problems with the use of web spy and recorder on Firefox. If you are using firefox I recommenedusing Chrome until these issues have been fixed.

Also, if you are using the object recorder, try using the object spy, it should allow you to find the object easier, again make sure you are using Chrome.

Finally, make sure that the object recorder still has the same properties as it did before, once all the above has been checked, let us know if the problem has been fixed.

I am using chrome.Yes it identifies while using Spy as I mentioned before but that is a long way wround when we are trying to record an application with lots of button.It was working fine in version 5.5. I am still able to do so in Version 5.5. Version 5.6 is really bad one with lot of issues in playing back scripts involving buttons and drop down.Even the dip down list was working even that is not working properly in 5.6. we have to have a work around for that as well.

Are the same properties captured? Please help to show captured properties for both cases

in verson 5.6 it is not cpatured at all. Please refer to the attachment i had provided earlier.